The Truth About Resume Writers

Barbara Safani has had enough of ill-informed and condescending critiques of the professional resume writing industry:

So please, if you have been reading the advice of people who are bashing the resume writing industry, take a moment to reflect on how condescending their advice is. You are an intelligent consumer. If some aspect of a resume writing service doesn’t sit well with you or you aren’t convinced that the person has a valuable service to offer, don’t use them. Become an educated consumer, ask questions, and shop around. At the end of the day it’s about the strength of the relationship between you and the writer and the confidence you have in their abilities based on your knowledge of the service.

The whole thing is well worth a read. It’s just plain lazy to lump an entire industry into one big blob and then insult the entire blob. Like anything else, there are good and bad resume writers and as a consumer, you’re perfectly able to make a good choice. If you’re currently working on doing that, here’s my advice on choosing a professional resume writer.

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