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When I sent the resume out, I got a response within 24 hours from a company I was very interested in. I interviewed with them one week later and I got a job offer! I’m starting at the end of this month. Thank you so much. You helped me become a “stand-out” candidate that the company aggressively wanted to pursue.

Jenifer R

After following your tips … within an hour I had an interview from the company I was most interested in. You gave my new career the perfect start!


Thank you, thank you, thank you! … Your material was PRICELESS. I have spent days (yes days!) looking for helpful material and I love your style. Thanks for being so clear with your examples and so generous with your expertise.


I didn’t feel accomplished when I went into this, and when we received comp #1, I was like ‘wow, is that me?!’ It made me feel really good! My husband may use your services in the future as well. He was really impressed with my updated resume and he is a hard one to please.

Laurie R

Your work on my resume is like alchemy! I feel so lucky to have my career edited by Blue Sky.

Sarah B

Wonderful! I really appreciate your creativity, professionalism and patience. And I am truly excited about my new resume. I have not seen any other resumes that touch what you do.

Christine S.

I wanted to let you know how my job search turned out: The resume you wrote for me was perfectly focused and right on the money! I landed a job as director of a division in a newly public company with a top-flight management team assembled specifically to pursue aggressive growth. I’ve been preparing for this type of opportunity my whole career and your resume got me in the door… I can’t thank you enough! My investment with Blue Sky Resumes is the best money I ever spent!

Thomas W.

Blue Sky’s process focused me on the specific challenges I’ve faced during periods of my career and this gave me a unique perspective on my experience. Having the details in my resume, and being able to talk about the story surrounding them, really did give me a competitive advantage over other candidates in the marketplace.

Chris F.

I’ve just been offered a job at Apple! Thanks for the excellent resume. The information I was trying to sell just jumped off the page at first glance. I really think it made a great impression on everyone who read it. Worth 10 times as much as I paid for it!

Brad S

My resume is night and day after using Blue Sky resumes. Louise was fantastic. The exercises that they have you do to prepare are really useful and almost act as interview prep, so you’re killing 2 birds with one stone– resume and interview prep. I applied to 2 jobs with my new resume. I got a call back for the first one and got the second one. I’m really happy I decided to use this service.

I contacted Blue Sky to update my resume and LinkedIn profile. From the beginning, they were clear on setting expectations, and they delivered as promised. The resume is very well done and I certainly could not have created one that reads this well without their help. I highly recommend them, and would use them again without hesitation.


The explorer document was a huge help in thinking through my past accomplishments and my career goals. The writing services were great! The only downside was that the process took a couple weeks…but I guess you can’t rush quality.

Great to work with Blue Sky Resume team. Very professional and quick response. Candid discussions on how to create a resume that brings out the right message. Excellent team!

From beginning to end, they were professional, prompt, and thorough. I asked for a rapid turnaround to submit to a particular job and the team did their utmost best to meet my needs. Importantly, since I’ve had my resume revamped from Blue Sky, I’ve had interviews at my target companies as well as with Facebook and Google, snagged a job, and am now highly sought after. I’m recommending Blue Sky to any friends and colleagues who are in the market for a new resume. Honestly, I can’t thank them enough.

Louise and the Blue Sky team did an excellent job crafting my resume. They sifted through a lot of data and captured the essence. I have had several positive comments on the strength of my resume.

Jeff Larson

I have never done a resume before and Blue Sky managed to make the process very simple and actually quite enjoyable. Also in doing so it really helped me prepare for any questions I might ever be asked about my career.

Ged Doherty

I couldn’t imagine anyone doing a better job writing a resume that truly reflected what I wanted to communicate in terms of who I am and what I have accomplished. They are truly the best in the business and I actually ended up overwhelmed by the response I received from employers. I was able to land a job with a company rated in the top 40 by Forbes magazine and received a 25% increase in my base salary! I can not be more thankful for your help.

BlueSky Resumes support starts when you call them to inquire about the range of services they offer. Lisa will explain their process and share some recommendation for free. Filling out the Explorer is a very helpful step to reflect on your professional achievements and your goals; this document is a key tool to prepare for an interview. The day I resumed my new resume prepared by Louise, I applied for a new job and was called for an interview in less than 24 hour. ROI!

Everything completed exactly as promised. No hassle when changes requested. Very satisfied with the process and final outcome.

The Blue Sky Resume team do a thorough job of preparing you for the development of your resume. They invest time in the initial stages of preparation to develop a strong resume and profile. I find their writing impactful… they tell your story they way that you would tell it. Most of us have difficulty with telling our story… it is not something that we are comfortable doing… they understand this skill and do it well. I strongly recommend making the investment and working with them.

John Pryor

Over the years I have used a number of these resume and LinkedIn profiles firms. There are not many side-by-side comparisons available online or thru reviews. The firms are either at a lower pricing or around where Blue Sky is. Of the ones that had comparisons, Blue Sky always rated very well. I had down-selected them through a phone call with Jean and then had Louise assigned to do the work. All the work was done extremely well and used the information supplied through their intake ‘homework’. I had to do very little adjustments and all the work was performed exactly in the timeline as promised. With any of these services you want to know the background of who is going to do the work. All the folks I came in contact with were very polished, professionals. They knew what they were doing! There was a set fee and no ‘re-drafting’ add-on charges which I have seen in the past. I would highly recommend them!

Thomas Kovacs

Very professional process and quick turn around! Writing is excellent!

Even when my job caused delays in my responses to clarification questions from Blue Sky, they were prompt in replying and there was minimal waiting time. All I can say is they worked around my busy schedule and put me first, much appreciated.

Very professional and attentive, detail oriented and dedicated to their customers. Blue Sky Resume’s was very good at answering any of my questions and explaining perfectly why certain choices were made.

Communication was responsive and clear. Once the project requirements were established, the final product exceeded expectations.

Tad Pollard

From my first conversations with the Blue Sky team, I knew I was in good hands. Prepping for a career change is a daunting task in this day and age, but their tools and wealth of industry knowledge guided me through the process with the utmost confidence. Their personal attention, clear communication and precision writing was exactly what I was seeking out when I began this process. I’m thoroughly pleased with the outcome of their services and I unequivocally recommend them to anyone needing professional guidance with their resume, cover letters, Linkedin or career advice.

John N.

I found blue sky online and am thrilled with my decision to work with them to create an executive resume! I had to complete a 20 page packet to describe all about my work history, and while it seems like a lot, it was absolutely worth it. Louise took this packet and crafted an amazing resume that perfectly told my story. The design and layout were eye catching and the content was just spot on. I only had to make a few small edits to include more industry standard language. I never could have produced such a strong resume on my own and it has proven to be very successful with recruiters and hiring managers already. This is absolutely worth the time, effort and price!

I’ve relied on Louise for the past 10 years to make my resumes standout and sparkle! Louise’s strategic approach helped me achieve my goal of changing industries and landing a fantastic position. Through the years I’ve referred friends and colleagues to Blue Sky Resumes and they have been ecstatic with their updated resumes. My advice…your hunt for a resume writer is over!

Michelle T

Blue Sky team was amazing to work with. They were extremely patient working with me. Louise worked with me iteratively and delivered exactly what I was looking for. They had a super efficient process in place to extract useful information from me and craft a resume that was so “me”. I highly recommend their service. My resume truly stands out and I have already received plenty of positive feedback on it.

I had an excellent experience with Blue Sky Resume that began when I received a response from my query email. My interactions with Blue Sky Staff were clear, timely and responsive to my particular concerns about putting together a somewhat complicated resume. The extensive prep document they provide is alone, worth the price of admission. All the edits I suggested to the resume drafts were discussed and considered in order to get to a powerfully worded document that fully represented me. Louise is smart, current and infinitely acquainted with the key words to get my resume noticed. And kind! I was so happy with my results I immediately hired Blue Sky to do my Linkedin profile. Thank you Blue Sky. It was a pleasure working with you all.


I was unsure about how to approach my resume to address concerns such as transitioning into a new creative industry, re-entering the work force and the best way to highlight my qualifications. My wife and a colleague, entertainment executives, recently used this service and were pleased so I decided to take a leap of faith to see if they could help me navigate my resume hurdles. When I received the first draft, I loved it. The writer explained her approach in addressing my concerns and structuring my resume. I’m looking forward to beginning my job search and will be proud to show my new resume to potential employers. Thanks again Blue Sky Resumes!

B. C.

The thing I liked most about Blue Sky Resumes is that they demonstrated passion and a genuine desire to help me in my job search. During the initial contact period they gave me a lot of really excellent advice regarding my existing resume, regardless of whether I would have chosen their services or not. They weren’t just about collecting payment and churning out a standard CV. In terms of research they really get you to analyze your career and dig deep into who you are career-wise. Be warned, there’s work to do on your part! The end result is an incredibly succinct and engaging CV that clearly communicates your strengths and skills and makes you stand out from the pack. Always very approachable and excellent customer service. You definitely don’t get treated like a just another customer with Blue Sky!

I hired BlueSky Resumes to write my professional resume. I was surprised from the beginning when they provided an initial consulting call to make sure I received the services I needed and nothing more. They took the time to listen what I needed help on, and explained each service they provided and if they felt it would be beneficial to my needs. After the initial consultation, they provided an in-depth questionnaire regarding experience, how I wanted to be perceived, and quickly crafted a resume to my liking. They assured me that it would not be done until I notified them that I was happy with it. I highly recommend this service to anyone who is looking for a professional resume writing service, or any service they provide. BlueSky is an efficient organization and and back every claim they make with solid action.


At first I was reticent to try this company, but once I did, I was amazed by the prompt service and amazing professionalism. I honestly didn’t believe I would get a ‘personal reply within 72 hours’ like the website said, but I actually received a response in less than a day. When I followed up with another email, I received a response within moments! Talk about service! They certainly changed my mind about the service they provide! I am in the middle of their free online course and although I find it intriguing, but wish that there was an example or two in each module to really help me understand how I can apply their resume writing tips more effectively. But I just recently downloaded their book on Resume Writing (thank you so very much Louise!), so hope that it will fill in those gaps from the online tutorial. Although I haven’t had a chance to go through it thoroughly, even at a cursory glance, I can see how incredibly helpful it will be and it even includes a wide variety of resume templates! And it is comforting to know that should I need assistance applying the information provided from this book, they have already proven that they will get back to me quickly to help in any way they can! There are many other companies out there that are charlatans, but rest assured this is NOT one of them! They obviously are running a business with true compassion for the people who are seeking their support and assistance. I can’t wait for the book on cover letter writing to become available and plan on getting the LinkedIn guide as soon as I can! I highly recommend this company to help anyone with their job search and resume writing!


My experience with BlueSky Resumes, from the initial email correspondence onward has been a very positive and constructive one. The company’s online advice columns and examples have moved me forward in improving my: research and routine for job research, interview skills, and with the editing of written correspondence. The strategy and outreach is efficient and educational, and all my interactions with them were thoughtful, constructive, efficient and informational. I am very pleased with their process and outcome. And I have already referred them to various friends and colleagues who work in writing and production.

Nicole Marie DeSpain

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