A Fresh Approach to Job Search with the Help of an Old Standard, the Library

I love doing research on the Internet and I frequently direct my clients to job relevant resources on the web. But for certain research, you just can’t beat the public library. Some of the best research tools online are fee based, but candidates can gain access to these same resources in book form at their local library. Whether you need to search for recruiters, networking leads, or decision makers, the library can provide priceless (and free) access to numerous search-relevant materials.

Below are a few of my favorites:

The Corporate Directory of U.S. Public Companies contains essential financial and business data for over 11,000 U.S. public companies. The directory is the only publication to provide salaries and ages of officers and directors as well as their full names and titles.

The Encyclopedia of Associations is a comprehensive source of detailed information on 22,000 American associations of national scope. They also publish an International Organization listing of 22,300 associations and a regional, state, and local organization listing with 115,000 entries. Included in the reference book are addresses and descriptions of professional societies, trade associations, labor unions, cultural, and religious organizations.

Kennedy Guide to Executive Recruiters published annually, this national guide includes recruiter names, addresses, phone and fax numbers, and web and email addresses. An international version of the book is also available.

The Directory of Top Computer Executives concentrates on organizations that have the highest potential to be supporting large IT functions. For an organization to be listed it must have a full-time VP, Director, or Manager of IT; have a multi-user host computer; or have more than 75 deployed PCs in the U.S. or 25 in Canada. The Directory lists the top-ranking individual over the IT function, such as the CIO or VP, Director, or Manager of information technology. In addition, second-level managers (which directly report to the top executive) include the manager of software development, manager of operations, manager of networking/data communications, manager of microcomputers, and the manager of technical support.

Consulting & Consulting Organizations Directory contains more than 25,000 consulting firms and independent consultants that operate throughout the United States and Canada. More than 400 specialties are represented including finance, computers, fundraising, advertising, and more. It covers top consulting firms and individuals in several general areas of consulting activity including business and finance management, marketing and sales, manufacturing, transportation, operations, computer technology, telecommunications and information services, engineering, science and technology, architecture, construction and interior design art, graphics and communications media, environment, geology, and land use agriculture, forestry, and landscaping, politics and social issues human resources development, education and personal development, health, medicine, and safety.

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers allows you to look up a brand name and find out the name of the company that makes the product.
Standard Directory of International Advertisers and Agencies lists 1,800 advertising agencies, advertising expenditures, personnel, and clients.
The Corporate Finance Sourcebook features over 1,900 of today’s top investment sources and over 1,400 service firms.

Nelson Information’s Directory of Investment Managers profiles investment managers and investment specialties and includes addresses and web URLs.

Securities Industry Yearbook includes information on individual securities firms, such as key personnel and department heads, number of customer accounts, registered representatives, offices, and capital.

Standard & Poor’s Security Dealers of North America is a comprehensive guide to brokerage and investment banking firms in the U.S. and Canada. The Directory contains all the facts you need for conveniently locating firms and facilitating transactions. This bi-annual publication includes thoroughly researched listings on over 5,000 main offices and 10,000 branches along with information on key executives and department managers and their addresses, phone/fax numbers and internet and email addresses.

ABA Financial Institutions Directory lists head office and branch listings for all banks, savings institutions, and top credit unions along with names of officers in key departments including finance, loans, operations, and marketing.

Gold Book of Venture Capital Firms is a comprehensive directory of venture capital firms arranged by geographic location with indexes by industry, stage of funding, key principals, and a listing of firms in alphabetical order. Each listing contains key statistics such as a sampling of portfolio companies, amount of capital invested, preferred investment size and industries served.

Careers in Public Accounting: A Comprehensive Comparison of the Top Tier Firms compares “top tier” firms, including profiles and various articles covering current events and trends that might impact the industry and employment within the industry.

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