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Is Blue Sky

Right For You?

Great things happen when your personality, career history and goals are well-matched with our skills and process.
Our resume writing services aren’t perfect for everyone, though.

We’re probably the right resume writers for you if:

You’re passionate about your career.

Whether you’re an experienced CEO or recent graduate, we love working with people who are seriously invested in their careers.

Quality is a high priority for you.

If your main criteria for choosing a service is quality, you’ve come to the right place. We’re perfectionists and we’re not ashamed to admit it!

You’re a self-starter.

We work well with people who take responsibility for their personal growth and career success.

You tend to be entrepreneurial or creative by nature:

Most of our clients thrive on challenge and are always looking for new & better ways to do things.

You know what kind of job you want.

We’ve found that clear, well-defined goals make for better resumes and ensure you get the most for your money.

A Complete Overhaul!

Blue Sky’s process gets you to think about and clarify your professional goals, kicking you off auto-pilot and into more strategic thinking. They don’t just overhaul your resume. They overhaul the way you see your career—and yourself!

Beth P | Writer and Editor

I Feel So Lucky!

Your work on my resume is like alchemy! I feel so lucky to have my career edited by Blue Sky.

Sarah B | Entertainment Executive

We might not be the right resume writers for you if:

You’re in a big rush.

It takes more than a day or two to produce well-researched, top notch work. Generally, we need a week or so to do our best work.

You don’t have time to dedicate to the process.

The time we spend getting to know your work history, goals, and personality is what makes our process unique. Without it, our resumes wouldn’t be as effective.

You work in a government or academic position.

Sorry, but we aren’t experts in these areas. Check out our recommended writers for other options.

You don’t know what kind of career you’re looking for.

We really do need clear, well-defined goals in order to produce the best possible resume.

You don’t live in the US, UK, Canada or Australia.

Every country has different resume customs—our resumes are tailored to these four.

Not the best fit for you?

Don’t despair. Check out our tips on choosing a resume service. We’ve also hand-picked a list of writers we trust.

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