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We're a small team of resume writers and job search experts based in the US and the UK. We pride ourselves on amazing work and fabulous customer service. Oh, and we love what we do!

Blue Sky Bird

What will you love about us?

Our real world experience. We’ve had typical careers. We’ve worked our way up through the ranks and we’ve been responsible for hiring at all levels. We know what works because we’ve been there.

That’s not to say we haven’t been doing this awhile, between the lot of us:

  • We’ve been published

    in 20+ resume books and written 3 books of our own.

  • We’ve earned seven professional certifications

    and they gave us cool hats to prove it.

  • We’ve been featured as experts

    for Oprah Winfrey Magazine, Washington Post, ABC & CNN

  • We founded the industry’s leading group blog.

    Check out Career Hub.

  • We’re widely recognized as industry innovators.

    That innovation flourishes in every resume.

Who do we work with?

We’ve written great resumes for almost every profession, but our main specialties are marketing, communications, design, technology, entertainment and sales. We especially love working with people who are creative or entrepreneurial by nature.

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What’s with the little blue bird?

Our process is all about you. About helping you understand your unique value.

Once you do this, your perspective changes. You approach your job search with confidence, curiosity and even enjoyment.

Working with us will give you something to sing about. Hence the bird :)

Who are these people anyway?

Louise Fletcher

Resume Writing Chief

Louise co-founded Blue Sky in 2002 after a career as an HR executive in industries such as music, video games, fashion and advertising. Louise is a word nerd at heart and loves to write. She developed the Blue Sky resume approach, has written three books, and has been a featured expert for Oprah Winfrey Magazine, The Washington Post and The Ladders among many others. In her spare time she paints and cooks. She also gardens, with results that can best be described as mixed.

Phil Fletcher

Organizational Genius

Phil co-founded Blue Sky (and came up with our name!). He now manages the business and oversees all client projects. Previously, he held a number of management roles within the music, entertainment and technology industries. No surprise then that his passions are computers and music. (The Yankees come a close third). He also has a soft spot for stray cats and he and Louise currently feed two hungry little guys in addition to their own four.

Kris Niklawski

Resume Writing Wizard

Before Kris became a resume writer, she worked as a graphic artist. She has an ACRW certification and her work has been published in JIST’s ‘Expert Resume’ series. Her favorite thing about resume writing is helping a client get the job of her dreams. When she’s not cooking up fabulous resumes, Kris grows flowers and vegetables, including the ingredients for her own salsa. Sometimes she rides her bicycle 450 miles across the state of Iowa. We don’t ask her why.

Lisa Hanna

Customer Service Queen

Lisa’s the first person you’ll talk to. She answers our phones, provides quotes, handles questions, and keeps us all organized. She enjoys her work because she gets to make a difference in people’s lives. Before this she worked as an assistant to some of New York’s top executives, including spending several years as right-hand to the owner of a top ad agency. Outside work, Lisa’s passions are acting and reading. She also loves to play cards, but claims no money changes hands.

Barbara Safani

Job Search Guru

Barbara has been a career coach since 2002 and has her own business in addition to partnering with Blue Sky. Prior jobs included HR Manager for American Express, and ‘copy boy’ for Tom Brokaw’s NBC news show. She’s won 5 awards and her work has appeared in many books. She’s also a published author. Barbara’s favorite thing about her work is helping to build her clients’ confidence. Having two teenagers limits her free time but she loves to run in Central Park when she can.

A little story goes a long way.

What’s the blue sky story?

We think of Blue Sky Resumes as a happy accident.

In 2002, our co-founders Louise and Phil Fletcher left corporate life where they had both worked at the executive level.

As HR Vice President for a struggling company, Louise had spent too many months organizing lay-offs. She was tired of long, depressing meetings spent staring at plates of stale sandwiches. She wanted to do something positive.

So she started to write resumes for former colleagues – and they started getting jobs! Before long, some of her recruiter contacts were sending paying clients and our company was born.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen the birth of broadband, experienced economic downturns, seen employment rise and fall, and witnessed technology completely transform the way people look for work.

We’ve changed too. We’ve formalized our resume writing approach, adapted to the new technologies, and hand-picked talented new team members. But our basic philosophy has never changed – we know what works because we’ve been there.

You Have Made a Difference In My Life!
Chuck P | Engineer

I posted my new resume online and within 3 days, I received a phone call and an excellent offer (no interview…they hired me over the phone!). Your in-depth worksheets do make a HUGE difference. Thank you. You have made a difference in my life!

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