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This post is part of an ongoing series of resume samples documenting the makeovers we gave our clients. Each resume was created by the Blue Sky Resumes team but the details have been changed to protect confidentiality. We hope the resume samples and our strategy explanations will inspire you to makeover your own resume.

Julie was a TV producer who came to us because her existing resume needed updating, and because it just wasn’t working for her. One glance made clear why that was the case.

The format is very old-fashioned and the content tells very little about her. Imagine reading this resume and then trying to picture Julie at work. Impossible isn’t it?

Julie also had an interesting challenge in that much of her work with big name TV networks had occurred a few years earlier. When we started writing her resume, it became clear that those larger networks were getting lost on page 2.

That’s why we opted for a ‘Selected Highlights’ section which allowed us to shine a spotlight on those big names and also emphasize her Emmy awards right up front.

Let’s look at the resume sample once we had worked our magic.

The lessons to be learned from this resume sample are as follows:

1. Always look for ways to show your best stuff on page one. The addition of the selected highlights section allowed us to do this with our TV producer.

2. Create a powerful opening resume summary that clearly communicates what makes you uniquely valuable.

3. Replace pedestrian job descriptions (such as those found in Julie’s original resume) with action-packed bullet points that convince employers you have what it takes.

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