Just How Many Jobs Are You Missing Out On?

I recently nagged a client to get her LinkedIn profile fully up and running. She emailed me the other day to say that she got an email from a recruiter within 2 days of doing it. A new survey explains why.

Jobvite surveyed 600 HR and recruiting professionals across the US and found that 73% are using social media and online networks for recruitment purposes. Of those companies, 78% cited LinkedIn as a tool they used regularly. So if we do the math, that means 57% of companies are using LinkedIn to find new employees.

If you’re not on LinkedIn with a fully completed profile (and I mean fully completed!) and lots of contacts, you are missing out on these opportunities. That’s nuts!

If you are already inundated with job offers and interview requests, then by all means, ignore this post and leave your half-written profile up on LinkedIn for everyone to see. But on the off chance that’s not the case, spend some time making it as good as you can so that you can tap into that 57% of employers, a number that will surely keep growing.

(And if you’re employed, there’s still no reason not to be highly visible to these companies. You never know when you might need a new job, or when a perfect opportunity might pull you away from the one you have now).

For detailed advice on how to make your profile highly visible and super-compelling, check out The 7 Mistakes You\’re Making on LinkedIn.

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