A Lesson for Hiring Managers Everywhere

Watch this video – you’ll thank me, I promise you.


Last week, I worked with a graphic designer client who expressed concern about her job prospects because “I don’t fit today’s standards of beauty.” That video made me think of her, and of all the snap decisions that are being made in interviews all over the country right now because the candidate doesn’t look as if he or she fits the part. Any interviewer who’s honest will admit to having done this at some time or another. Maybe the candidate is “of a certain age” and your is a young company. Maybe he’s fat and that makes you uncomfortable. Or maybe she looks way too young to be able to do the job advertised, even though her resume shows that he has done it before.

Susan Boyle’s performance on that TV show is a reminder to all of us. Maybe this week we can judge everyone we meet by what they do and not what they look like.

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