How to Interview for Product Manager Jobs

Ellen Chisa Product Manager at Kickstarter shares her lessons on how to prepare for a product manager interview.

Here\’s her checklist for interview preparation:

  1. Know the expectations for the industry, if it isn’t what you’ve interviewed for before.
  2. Know the product(s) inside out.
  3. Genuinely care about their product, and do extra prep if you don’t.
  4. Prepare product recommendations.
  5. Know which way their product managers lean – do you need dev chops? Business? Design? Be ready to answer questions that are from the adjacent discipline.
  6. Stick with it. Never give up during the interview.
  7. Don’t let curve ball questions throw off later interviews.
  8. If something does throw you off, rebound.
  9. Have two different follow-up questions prepared for each interviewer.

It\’s well worth reading the full the article in which she shares some of her worst interview experiences in order to help us all avoid similar errors.

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