How to Find a Job in Just 18 Minutes a Day

According to the US Department of Labor, the average job seeker spends 18 minutes a day looking for a new job.

It would be great if I could fulfill the promise of my title and tell you how to succeed doing the same, but of course I can’t. Because 18 minutes a day IS NOT ENOUGH!

Until I replaced my PC a few months ago, it took about that long for it to warm up in the morning! My hobby is drawing and I’m currently working on a still life done in colored pencils. I’ve spent more than 18 minutes on just one of the grapes! My big business project right now, as some of you know, is redesigning the Blue Sky website. I’ve spent more than 18 minutes thinking about how comments should be displayed on the blog – just one tiny part of just one of 22 pages! 18 minutes isn’t even long enough for a decent walk.

What’s really scary is that 18 minutes is an average. So for all you guys spending hours each day on your search, there are apparently 1,000 losers taking barely 2 minutes to scan Monster before falling back into bed! I suppose the good news in all this is that your competition is lazy.

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