How to Add Images or Videos to Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn allows you to showcase your work right in the body of your profile, a perfect feature for marketers, designers, artists, writers and all kinds of creative professionals. Now you don’t need to rely on words to tell recruiters how good you are – you can show them.

LinkedIn lets you add images, videos, and slideshow presentations to your profile summary, which means you can show examples of your work, share a Powerpoint presentation you created, or even include videos of yourself working or speaking.

This is so much more powerful than simply directing recruiters to a portfolio or personal website, because the truth is that many of them won\’t ever visit the link you provide. But since LinkedIn makes it so easy to check out your work, many of them will do it.

To utilize this feature, just click “Edit profile,” then scroll down to your summary and look for the box symbol (to the right of “edit.”) You then select “add file” and upload any of the approved formats.

You can see an example of how this looks by checking out my profile, where I have posted some of my favorite resume samples.

Now, people who are deciding whether to contact Blue Sky Resumes can do more than read my profile – they actually have something tangible on which to base a decision.

One word of warning: LinkedIn doesn’t insist that your videos and photos are work-related, but they always should be. Don’t share your photos of your favourite sports teams or post funny cat videos – instead stick with items that showcase the very best of your abilities.

Best of luck!

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