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How to Write LinkedIn Headlines That Work (and Don’t Sound Icky)

Today the Personal Branding Blog covers the need to write a compelling LinkedIn headline. I agree with the premise. Your headline is one of the most important things about your profile. You could spend hours writing great content but the headline is what most people will see when they search. They’ll scan it quickly and […]

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The Top 5 Ways to Get Noticed on LinkedIn

I’ve written before about why it’s so important to be on LinkedIn, but just setting up a profile isn’t enough. Once you’re there, you need to get noticed (otherwise what’s the point?). Primarily when looking for a job, you should be using LinkedIn to stay in touch with, and expand your network. but there are […]

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Should I Be on LinkedIn?

I get asked this question all the time. Let me ask you this in return … if you knew of a regular social gathering attended by all the decision-makers who could impact your job search, would you go? What if I told you that most of them would even be open to connecting with you […]

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The 7 Mistakes You’re Probably Making on LinkedIn

Before I get to the 7 mistakes (and how to fix them) let me explain why having a good LinkedIn profile is important and why more than 1 million people are joining the service every 2 weeks. Not only is LinkedIn a great way to network, it’s also increasingly used by recruiters to post vacancies […]

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Don’t Make this Simple Error on LinkedIn

I just had a client whose LinkedIn profile wouldn’t come up in Google searches, despite the fact that he has an relatively unusual name. Nor did he appear in the LinkedIn search directory. We couldn’t figure it out – until we realized that he had included initials after his name. He is a certified Project […]

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