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Would you like to write a resume that’s guaranteed to get results?
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We know a professional resume is out of many people’s reach, so we’ve priced this course at an affordable $45 – if it cuts down your job search by even one day, it’s paid for itself!

only $45!

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Jam-packed with everything you need to write a resume that gets results!

Writing a great resume is easy when you know the steps. Now we’ve put together a step-by-step course that teaches you the exact system we use with our clients. You’ll learn why your current resume isn’t getting the response you want – and we’ll tell you exactly what you can do to transform it into a interview-generating machine.

When you buy our Resume Writing Course, you get instant access to:

A 170+ page PDF self-study guide
easy-to-follow lessons that take you from blank page to killer resume.

The inside scoop on our unique resume writing system —
a system that works for everyone, from entry-level to company President.

Detailed tutorials with lots of real-world examples,
so that you can turn our principles into practice.

20 pre-formatted resume templates,
so that you don’t have to worry about resume design.

Tips on avoiding the mistakes
that consign most resumes to the ‘no’ pile.

Advice on applying tried and tested marketing principles
to your resume, so that recruiters respond immediately.

Valuable information on adapting your resume for use online,
so that you can create compelling web profiles.

A 100% money back guarantee.
Don’t like the course? Just send us an email and we’ll refund your money in full.

Loads of content and a great value!

Only $45

A Response Within an Hour!

After following your tips, I e-mailed my resume out to 3 companies. Within an hour I had an e-mail back from the company I was most interested in working for – they wanted me to meet with them for an interview the next day!! Your website gave my new career the perfect start!

Kerry | Marketer

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