Awesome to work with!

Over the years I have used a number of these resume and LinkedIn profiles firms. There are not many side-by-side comparisons available online or thru reviews. The firms are either at a lower pricing or around where Blue Sky is. Of the ones that had comparisons, Blue Sky always rated very well. I had down-selected them through a phone call with Jean and then had Louise assigned to do the work. All the work was done extremely well and used the information supplied through their intake ‘homework’. I had to do very little adjustments and all the work was performed exactly in the timeline as promised. With any of these services you want to know the background of who is going to do the work. All the folks I came in contact with were very polished, professionals. They knew what they were doing! There was a set fee and no ‘re-drafting’ add-on charges which I have seen in the past. I would highly recommend them!

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