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13 Resume Tips to Get You Noticed

As a professional resume writer, I work with each client individually to come up with the best presentation of their unique blend of skills, experiences and personality traits – but I also have a bag of tricks that help me present them effectively. If you’re not getting the reaction you want to your resume, here […]

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5 Things Recruiters Wish You Knew About LinkedIn

Even though LinkedIn is the number one online tool for professional recruiters, it often lets them down. Many recruiters fail to find the candidates they need – not because of problems with the site itself, but because simple profile mistakes render the candidates invisible. If this is happening to you, you’re missing out on great […]

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5 Ways to Start Your Resume With a Bang

Everyone tells you that it’s important to start your resume with a powerful introduction that makes a strong first impression … “you only have 20 seconds” goes the standard advice. And it’s true. Employers are busy and they get hundreds of resumes for most positions which means standing out is vital. But how do you […]

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7 Ways to Prove Your Worth on Your Resume

I just read a great post by Jonathan Fields over on Awake@theWheel about the 7 types of proof clients/customers need before they will buy a product or service. And as I was reading, it struck me that his advice also applies to resume writing. All too often you read things like ‘looking for a job […]

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Are You Making These Job Search Mistakes?

We offer a job search strategy planning service (one hour with a real-life HR Director, during which time clients develop their own customized plan for finding a great new job). It’s amazing how may times the sessions begin with the client saying ‘I know how to look for a job, I just have a few […]

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