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TV News Photographer
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These days, news photographers are called on to do more than just camerawork. This resume sample shows how you can highlight a broad background to your advantage.

What Other People Said:
Beth P | Writer and Editor

Blue Sky’s process gets you to think about and clarify your professional goals, kicking you off auto-pilot and into more strategic thinking. They don’t just overhaul your resume. They overhaul the way you see your career—and yourself!

Don D | Music Producer

I have good news! I just began work as a producer with my dream company.  I know that it couldn’t have been my charm or good looks that made it happen. I needed a tool to get their attention. I am grateful for everything you guys did to present my qualifications in such a positive light. I gave you a tough assignment and you exceeded my expectations. I will forever be indebted to you for helping make my dream a reality.

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