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Finance resumes are definitely not a place to get too creative! This sample shows how you can write a very traditional executive resume while still being creative with the resume strategy.

What Other People Said:
Thomas W | Director

I wanted to let you know how my job search turned out: The resume you wrote for me was perfectly focused and right on the money! I landed a job as director of a division in a newly public company with a top-flight management team assembled specifically to pursue aggressive growth. I’ve been preparing for this type of opportunity my whole career and your resume got me in the door… I can’t thank you enough! My investment with Blue Sky Resumes is the best money I ever spent!

Todd D | CEO

I would like to thank you for the resume and letters.  They were right on the mark.  Absolutely excellent, a real value, and they made a great impact.  I now have a telephone interview the 1st week of June.  I would like to hire you to help with the interview process.

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