The Smart Job Search: How to Tap Into the Hidden Job Market

Most job seekers focus 90% of their attention on responding to advertised positions when in actual fact, up to 80% of jobs are filled without ever being advertised.

“The Smart Job Search” is a series of articles that will teach you how to access this hidden job market and therefore accelerate the process of finding your next job.

The articles are listed below as they are posted. Just click on the links to read each one.

1: Think Different

2: Set Your GPS

3: How to Write a Killer Resume

4: Make Your Mark Online

5: How Recruiters Can Help You Tap Into the Hidden Job Market

6: How to Attract recruiters Using LinkedIn

7. How to Conduct a Direct Mail Campaign

8. How to Network Without Feeling Icky

9. Don’t Follow the Job Board Rules

10. How to use Twitter to Find a Job