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How to Interview for Product Manager Jobs

Ellen Chisa Product Manager at Kickstarter shares her lessons on how to prepare for a product manager interview. Here’s her checklist for interview preparation: Know the expectations for the industry, if it isn’t what you’ve interviewed for before. Know the product(s) inside out. Genuinely care about their product, and do extra prep if you don’t. […]

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How to Answer the “Tell Me About Yourself” Question

“So…. Tell me about yourself.” It’s the interview question we all dread. And we dread it for good reason. It’s way too broad and we have no idea what the interviewer wants us to say. “Just be honest” is the advice given by many careers experts. So how’s this? Well, I’m 29. I’m scared of […]

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Are Big Words Better?

Do you prefer the word ‘reduced’ to the word ‘cut’? Given the choice, would you use “generated savings of…” or “saved”? I ask because recently I edited some website copy for someone who preferred big words to short ones and long, complex sentences to concise ones. I’m the opposite. I think simplicity is the key […]

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Career Lessons from Kris Allen

Regular readers know that American Idol is my guilty pleasure and last night, the show provided a rare surprise – despite the fact that producers and judges had been hyping a finale between Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert all season, a dark horse contestant sneaked in under the wire, beat one of the two the […]

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A Lesson for Hiring Managers Everywhere

Watch this video – you’ll thank me, I promise you. Last week, I worked with a graphic designer client who expressed concern about her job prospects because “I don’t fit today’s standards of beauty.” That video made me think of her, and of all the snap decisions that are being made in interviews all over […]

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